Famous for its history, the Island of Porquerolles have been bought in 1911th by François Joseph Fournier (a Belgian self-made man born in houseboat who become rich by discover a gold and silver mine in Mexico) who gave it as a wedding gift to his beloved Sylvia.

Our historical part was built in the 1910’s by the Abbe Bozon. During their visit of the Island, Mr & Mrs Fournier have been charmed by ladies working on the construction, so much that they gave a Golden Louis to one of the lady which increase the reputation of the couple. When they bought the island, they became the owners of the building and ends to transform it in a 10 rooms’ hotel. Villa Sainte Anne is a part of a group owned by the descendants of the Fournier’s family with Le Mas du Langoustier and the restaurant La Plage d’Argent.

Nowadays the hotel have 25 rooms and 3 apartments, 2 indoor dining rooms of 40 person each and one large terrace overlooking the square, for up to 110 guests. Our cuisine is Provencale, fresh and seasonal.